Mortimer Riding Club

About Us

Some 20 years ago a group of Pony Club mums decided that it wasn't fair that their kids were having all the fun, and realised that they wanted to do  more (other than be chauffer, head groom, teacher and comforter), so they decided to create their own 'Pony Club'.  After weeks of phoning round, checking to see who would share their interest in doing something else (other than cheer on their little ones), Mortimer Riding Club was formed.  MRC has now grown into a thriving Riding Club covering the North Hampshire area.  With an active Committee - who meet regularly - and an equally active membership, the Club continues to try and cater for all levels of rider; the 'Happy Hacker' who just enjoys being out in the fresh air, the Novice competitor who would love to be able to jump 3' 6" but can't quite get there yet, and the old hands who enjoy nothing better than the thrill of competition.  From Sponsored Rides and 'days out' to competitive Dressage, Showing and Show Jumping, the Club always tries to organise events for everyone.  We have recently welcomed some new members to the Committee, and are very much looking forward to what the year holds for us, and you.
If you're currently a Pony Club Mum (or Dad) and want that little bit more, we would love to hear from you.  After all, that's how we started.....

MRC and Charity

Mortimer Riding Club members pride themselves on 'doing their bit' for charity, and every year a worthwhile cause receives a donation.  Past beneficiaries have included 'Operation Esther', the 'Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance', HEROS, the RDA and The Pink Place.